Seed Forum Malmö

About Seed Forum in Sweden

The 1st Seed Forum in Stockholm was organised on the 8th of December 2005 hosted in the premises of iQube Innovation Centre in Norrlandsgatan 31. The great success of the 1st Seed Forum in Stockholm has been followed by a Seed Forum in Stockholm every 6th month since then. The 2nd Seed Forum in Stockholm was kindly hosted at the “Moderna Museet” at Skeppsholmen and following venues for Seed Forum Stockholm has been 2 times at Kaupthing Bank at Stureplan, 2 times at Berns Salonger, 1 time at Scandic Anglais, 6 times in the DNB Bank headquarter, 2 times at the Swedbank headquarter, 4 times at DLA Piper and 4 times in Carnegie Hall of the Carnegie Investment Bank.

A regional Seed Forum concept in Sweden has also been organised with a Seed Forum in Karlstad on the 30st of May 2006 in cooperation with Innova Science Park in Vârmland and 2 times in Malmö spring 2010 and spring 2011 hosted by Swedbank and in cooperation with MINC (Malmö Incubator).

Opening remarks and key-notes in Seed Forums in Stockholm has been given by many high-level individuals among others several Ambassadors. Evening receptions to Seed Forums in Stockholm has been hosted by Ambassadors of Norway, United Kingdom, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The evening reception after Seed Forum in Karlstad was hosted in the Residence of the Governor of Vârmland, and the evening receptions in Malmö were hosted at restaurant Skeppsbron2 and Hotel Savoi.

Swedish companies have presented in Seed Forums overseas since 2003 and attended obligatory pitch trainings in Oslo from 2003 until 2008. The first Seed Forum Academy investor pitch training in Sweden took place in Karlstad in 2005 and in Stockholm from spring 2009. More than 200 Swedish companies have attended pitch trainings in Stockholm, Malmö and Karlstad and presented in Seed Forums in Sweden and overseas. Most of the pitch trainings in Stockholm has been hosted in the premises of DLA Piper but also by Sync Advokat, Swedbank and Carnegie Investment Bank.

Seed Forum activities in Sweden was organised by Seed Forum Global from 2005 until spring 2015 and by the Seed Form Sweden Foundation where to Seed Forum International Foundation is the sole founder from autumn 2015.

The Seed Forum concept in Sweden was initiated as a part of the project “Seed Forum Nordic” with grant from the Nordic Innovation Centre to the Seed Forum Norway Foundation in 2005. Seed Forum in Sweden has proven to be long-time program in the Swedish Innovation system.

Seed Forum management in Sweden:

2005 – 2014Steinar Hoel Korsmo (Seed Forum Global)
2014 – spring 2016Bo Rydgren (Seed Forum Sweden Foundation)
Autumn 2016+Maria Mörner (Seed Forum Sweden Foundation)

Current board members of Seed Forum Sweden Foundation:

  • Bo Rydgren, Chairman of the board (previous board member) 2015+
  • Steinar Hoel Korsmo, board member (previous board chairman) 2015+
  • Maria Mörner, board member, 2016+
  • Brit Lööv, board member, 2016+

Previous board members:

  • Stefan Klåvus, board member 2015-2016

Seed Forum Sweden office locations:

2015 – spring 2016:Sollentuna
Autumn 2016+Villastaden, Stockholm

Venues for Seed Forums activities in Sweden:

Seed Forum Stockholm:
  • iQube Innovation Centre
  • Moderna Museet
  • Kaupthing Bank
  • Scandic Anglais Hotel
  • DNB Bank headquarter
  • Berns Salonger
  • Swedbank headquarter
  • DLA Piper
  • Carnegie Hall, Carnegie Investment Bank
  • Seed Forum Malmö:
  • Swedbank
  • Seed Forum Karlstad:
  • Vârmlandsbanken
Seed Forum pitch trainings:
  • DLA Piper, Stockholm
  • SYNC Advokat, Stockholm
  • Deloitte, Stockholm
  • Carnegie Investment Bank, Stockholm
  • Swedbank, Stockholm
  • Innova Science Park, Karlstad
  • MINC Incubator, Malmö

Various prominent representatives have given opening remarks and key-notes in Seed Forums in Sweden as for example:

  • Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Sweden, HE Jodranka Kalmata
  • Ambassador of Kosovo to Sweden, HE Illir Dugolli
  • Ambassador of Estonia to Sweden, HE Merle Pajula
  • Ambassador of Latvia to Sweden, Gints Jermannis
  • Member of the Swedish Parliament, Penilla Gunther
  • Ambassador of Norway to Sweden, Odd Fosseimbråten